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DRESSX partners with Ready Player Me to drop the avatar fashion NFT collection

DRESSX partners with Ready Player Me to drop the avatar fashion NFT collection


The largest metafashion retailer DRESSX partners with a cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me, introducing the DRESSX Snake NFT collection. United in our missions of building an interoperable and open metaverse, the DRESSX NFT collection has been minted on the Polygon blockchain and is now available to wear on avatars and enter over 2,500 virtual worlds through Ready Player Me.

The DRESSX Snake collection was inspired by snakes’ ability to outgrow and shed their skins, constantly developing new identities and showcasing their new colors. Featuring male and female looks, the DRESSX Snake collection introduces six snake skins available to wear on Ready Player Me avatars across the metaverse. The buyers of the DRESSX NFT drop for Ready Player Me will receive a 3D asset, an avatar skin to wear through Ready Player Me and the ability to try on the same NFT look on the buyer’s own photo using the DRESSX proprietary digital dressing technology. Just as snakes change their skins in real life, the NFT collectors will be able to try their DRESSX Snake skins on their avatars and own photos in virtual reality.

“DRESSX is incredibly excited to partner with Ready Player Me and enter the new level of metaverse interaction with the leading cross-game avatar platform. Having it as our mission to provide a metacloset (a digital closet for the metaverse) to every person in the world and make the digital dressing experience seamless, the collaboration with Ready Player Me will help us to facilitate our vision and streamline our journey to the seamless and interoperable digital future of fashion”, commented Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co-founders at DRESSX.

“At Ready Player Me we are on a mission to bring down walls and make the emerging metaverse a more open and inclusive space for creators and users alike. Digital fashion plays an important role in that and DRESSX is among the most recognizable brands in the space. Having known the great team behind the company for a while, we are excited to launch our first official collaboration with them as part of our journey to a free and open metaverse”, Stan Georgiev, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Ready Player Me.



The DRESSX Snake collection for Ready Player Me was initially presented at the Somnium Space Metaverse Fashion Week. Showroom designed in collaboration with Dearch Space and Atrium.

Discover and shop the DRESSX Snake collection for Ready Player Me via link.