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DRESSX presents AR wearable NFTs on live broadcast TV with Yahoo! Finance

DRESSX presents AR wearable NFTs on live broadcast TV with Yahoo! Finance

For the first time ever, fashion NFTs are worn in real time in AR during the live TV show 

The largest digital fashion retailer DRESSX has just made history, bringing the first digital fashion NFT wearables to live TV during the Yahoo Finance show. On the show, Red DAO member Megan Kaspar appeared wearing 3 digital fashion NFT assets in AR during the live broadcast. The DRESSX NFT wearable collectibles with the AR utility were earlier sold by DRESSX on OpenSea for almost $2,000 in total to Red DAO. Natalia Modenova, the DRESSX co-founder, was wearing the augmented reality Flower Bucket Hat that became viral and is now one of the most popular digital fashion items on the company’s mobile app and social media.

Fashion industry alone generates $2.7 trillion in global annual revenue, and we foresee it doubling over the next two decades because of digital fashion. Digital fashion wearables give a new utility to fashion, taking it to a sustainable direction and making it a very large ESG investment. From the top 12 global NFT categories, fashion including purely digital Metaverse wearables and those tied to a physical twin has the highest impact potential of industry disruption out of all categories. We expect fashion to become one of the largest sectors in the crypto asset class in the near future”, ー comments Megan Kaspar member of Red DAO. 

While NFTs in art and fashion sectors have already become one of the biggest trends for the important industry players, DRESSX continues to revolutionize the field enabling NFTs that can be worn instantly, in the real time, with no need to create digital avatars, play 3D games, enter virtual words or wearing the VR headsets. NFT fashion assets can now be used (collected, sold, or worn on photos and videos) throughout the DRESSX platforms exclusively by the NFT owners. In the future, fashion NFTs from DRESSX closet will be platform interoperable.

At DRESSX we are aiming to provide digital closets for everyone, as we believe that fashion NFTs will not just ‘clutter the space’ in the cryptowallet or closet, but rather provide more opportunities to use the assets across the metaverse. Fashion NFTs allow to add a layer of exclusivity and uniqueness to digital fashion items, making the industry more and more appealing for the big luxury brands. The AR use-case, unique to the DRESSX app, brings even more utility to the NFT collectibles, making them applicable to today's reality here and now, growing the adoption of fashion NFTs, and driving the market. DRESSX sees modern humans as avatars of their own, creating digital wearables for social media, calls, live broadcasts, and life in the Metaverse”, ー adds Natalia Modenova, co-founder at DRESSX.

Previously, DRESSX has collaborated with the companies like and Balmain, allowing AR dressing of the companies’ NFTs on the DRESSX app. The AR dressing is only available for the exclusive owners of the NFTs. The last NFT supported by DRESSX AR dressing technology and created by Balmain was sold for $9500 on Binance.

DRESSX is your digital wardrobe, and it’s not about the future, it’s about now. From the very beginning, we had a goal to move physical clothing into digital worlds and now we all clearly see it’s happening, and NFTs and blockchain technology, AR, photo dressing help us to create the important utility part of digital fashion. The important fact is that we are not trying to conquer the world of physical clothes, with DRESSX we open a new dimension, where both worlds of physical and digital fashion will co-exist”, ー says Daria Shapovalova, co-founder at DRESSX.

Soon DRESSX will launch its own NFT fashion marketplace enabling the AR dressing use-case for all the NFT wearables and introduce the digital fashion wallet and closet to discover, collect, store, trade, rent and wear fashion NFTs.