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Try on digital fashion with the DRESSX app for free

DRESSX releases a major app update 🚨 See what's new!

DRESSX releases a major app update 🚨 See what's new!


DRESSX, the largest metafashion retailer, has launched a major application update, improving metacloset design, changing subscription models, allowing users to connect Metamask wallets for a more seamless NFT collection experience and more.

Available for the general public starting from today, the new DRESSX app (iOS and Android) has undergone a substantial transformation targeting performance and design of the app key features: AR try-on, editorial photo dressing (“metalooks”), storage and utilization of NFT fashion looks purchased via DRESSX marketplace Starting from today, everyone who downloads the DRESSX app gets a Metacloset loaded with hundreds of AR looks ready to wear immediately.

All of the AR looks will be free to use on the DRESSX app for a fast and easy digital fashion try-on experience, while editorial quality metalooks will not be purchasable by unit anymore - they will be offered to users as a part of new subscription models. The new app design also lets users save their favorite looks from the closet section for easy access, while an upgraded design with the 3D view makes the experience even more immersive, allowing users to see items in more detail.

In the new DRESSX app version, the users have an opportunity to connect their Metamask wallets directly to the app and add their DRESSX NFTs to their metaclosets to be able to store, view and wear their items in AR and on the photos directly from the closet section, proving an exclusive experience to NFT owners and keeping ownership value a priority.

“We have been working on the new DRESSX app release for months, taking into account feedback from the community and the recent trends we observed in the digital fashion space. We are proud to now offer AR fashion experience for free to all of our clients, as this is the easiest and the most inclusive way to start wearing digital fashion. Making an emphasis on the editorial quality photo dressing, the exclusive feature unique to the DRESSX platform becomes even more affordable with the subscription models and helps users to build a consistent wardrobe of digital fashion inside DRESSX Metacloset. We are putting the efforts from our whole team to level up the digital fashion game and provide a seamless experience, uniting all the DRESSX products, including AR try-on, metalooks, and NFT collectibles. We are incredibly proud to introduce the new DRESSX app to the market and continue to work on our proposition to roll-out more new and improved features very soon”, shared Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co-founders at DRESSX.

Background information: Previously, the DRESSX app offered AR try-on weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, while DRESSX metalooks were purchasable by unit for the full price. The new DRESSX app makes AR try-ons free, while also democratizing the prices for metalooks by including them into the monthly subscription models.There was no Metamask wallet integration for NFT fashion experience in the previous versions of the DRESSX app.