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Ex Senior Director of Engineering at Snap Yurii Monastyrshin joins DRESSX as a strategic advisor

Ex Senior Director of Engineering at Snap Yurii Monastyrshin joins DRESSX as a strategic advisor


DRESSX is thrilled to announce Yurii Monastyrshin, ex Sr. Director of Engineering at Snap and a co-founder of Looksery, joining DRESSX as a strategic advisor.

Creating the first application to allow users to change their facial features in real time, Yurii’s software and photography company Looksery was acquired by Snap Inc. in September 2015, marking the biggest startup acquisition in his native country Ukraine’s history. Proceeding to the position of technical lead and later Sr. Director of Engineering at Snap, Yurii and his team have successfully built the most used Augmented Reality platform in the world, putting real-time, 3D experiences in the hands of 100s of millions of users daily. Yurii’s remarkable knowledge, rich experience and exceptional understanding of contemporary users’ needs will help DRESSX to further develop its digital dressing technology, improve user experience, and build up a digital closet that will revolutionize the industry.

“We are honored to be working under the guidance of an extraordinary talent and professional Yurii Monastyrshin, continuing to refine and scale DRESSX’s vision of the future. We truly believe that together we will be able to change the notion of the fashion industry we know today and, what is more important, make the lives of millions of people easier, better, and way more sustainable”, commented Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co-founders at DRESSX.

“Being in the AR area for the last 8 years and observing its emergence on mobile phones, I’ve seen hundreds of startups and companies attempting to build a scalable valuable product in this field - most of them failed. So when I heard about DRESSX, I immediately noticed the difference between an ill-formed approach to AR and their one - focused on content. Technology matters, but eventually it will become a commodity, and content is the only thing that has a long term strategic value. Daria and Natalia have such a remarkable vision, passion, leadership skills, and deep understanding of fashion (they literally live by it!), that I cannot imagine a better suited team to make the next revolution. I am excited to join their journey and bring my expertise to accelerate the technical development of the core algorithms, so that the content can shine in its full potential”, said Yurii Monastyrshin.

DRESSX strategic advisor Yurii Monastyrshyn is wearing a 100% digital sweatshirt from DRESSX Kandinskyi Art Collection.