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Introducing Elizaveta Fadeeva - the designer behind FDV

Introducing Elizaveta Fadeeva - the designer behind FDV


FDV is now live at DressX. We talked to the creator of the brand, a 3D fashion designer Elizaveta Fadeeva about her inspirations behind the collection, the future of digital fashion, and the ideas of a better world. 


Tell us more about FDV. How and when was it created? 

FDV brand was created about half a year ago. During the period when the whole world was staying at home, I knew for sure that the crisis would open the new doors in the industry. I heard a lot about digital clothes and realized that this was a completely new dimension for me, which I really wanted to explore. Creating my own digital brand in a way helped to move towards my main goal to do what I like without harming the environment.



Describe your creative process while working on the collections. You mentioned that you used to create physical clothing. How does the process of designing garments in digital differ from designing in physical?

While working on the collection, I try not to limit myself in anything. In digital fashion the process goes much better, because I can just concentrate on the main thing the implementation of the idea. Physical design is more energy consuming: starting from the light in the room needed for the working process, and ending with your own energy and strength. Also, in digital format some operations are performed automatically, which makes the work much easier.

Tell us more about the collection available at DressX. You told us that it was inspired by the fresco "Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza" by Pietro da Cortona. What impressed you the most about it and how does it reflect in the collection?

In fact, the choice of this fresco was quite unexpected. I was just researching the options for the fabric textures, and suddenly came across it.  When I started reading about the story and idea of it, I realized that storytelling combined my idea with Pietro da Cortona. There are several ways to read a complex plot in this fresco in the design of my collection I tried to repeat the idea using different textures as a single picture.



Why did you personally decide to switch to creating digital-only clothes? Is the sustainability aspect of it important to you? 

As I said, digital clothing is less energy consuming and allows you to bring almost any idea to life. Moreover, it just looks very impressive and fresh. Sustainability is a really important aspect for me, as I consider myself to be a part of a digital fashion community and a civilian who supports and promotes the idea of ​​the better world.

What do you think about the future of digital fashion and what opportunities does it bring to fashion designers?

I think that digital fashion will soon be the solution to many technological, production, and user related problems. People will start buying digital looks instead of consuming clothes in their physical versions, ending the problem of overconsumption and becoming more familiar with the concepts of sustainable living.

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