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Meet a Halloween-special collection by Altr now on DRESSX

Meet a Halloween-special collection by Altr now on DRESSX


Get yourself Halloween-ready!

DRESSX is excited to present “altrSI”- a Halloween collection by Altr 🎃 The collection was inspired by Ablero Mielgo’s ‘Love, Death, and Robots’ episode regarding the Halloween season. 

Altr is a digital fashion platform dedicated to unlocking the value of cultural heritage and archival fashion. Altr brings cultural heritage to the metaverse while contributing to physical-world preservation.

The brand introduced us to “altrSI” - a mix of Victorian silhouette, Ancient Rome armor, and Siren dress. The blood-like water splashes at the bottom, creating volume and drama. The headpiece took inspiration from Jibaro’s costume and AI gothic art. Yet, the designer created this crown-like piece with gold and ruby and interpreted the necklace and earrings into a chunky and heavy design. Together the pieces created a transforming moment of power and coronation. Altr also presents the AR filter “Mysterious Siren”, inspired by the android and sirens.

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