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Meet Caste.less at DressX: Q&A with the designer Eleonora Tonini

Meet Caste.less at DressX: Q&A with the designer Eleonora Tonini


Caste.less collection is now exclusively available at DressX. We asked the creator of the brand – a Milan-based 3D fashion designer Eleonora Tonini – to tell us more about the inspirations behind the collection, the importance of sustainable living, and the future of digital fashion.


Tell us briefly about Caste.less. 

Caste.less was created during quarantine because I finally had time to stop and meditate about my personal style. Having my own digital brand gives me the freedom to express myself through fashion without any kind of restriction. Caste.less is my safe place, my home. 

What does your creative process look like? And how does the process of designing in digital differ from designing in physical?

I usually get inspired by colors and moods. I associate my mood in the moment with a color and a fabric. I start from there and continue with the 3D creation of the pattern. For example, if I feel confident I usually create garments that enhance this feeling and express it with bold colors and silhouettes. 

Speaking about designing in physical, I only created a physical collection in the University, but I never got to experience the freedom I feel everytime while creating in digital.  

Caste.less collection features some really bold futuristic silhouettes and designs. Tell us about the inspirations behind the collection and what it is about.

This collection is inspired by my personal style and aesthetic. I wanted to create garments that represent my own personal vision of 3D fashion. 



You mentioned that the sustainability aspect is really important to you, and you try to apply it to every part of your life. Could you give some advice on how we can all reduce our carbon footprint in our daily lives? 

In today’s world we all need to make sustainable choices every single day. Starting from fashion, continuing with food, travel etc. I do my best by reducing my carbon footprint as much as I can, but I think it is necessary to consider every little step as important as the big ones. If we all start giving more attention to the matter, we can really make a change. 

What do you think about the future of fashion and what opportunities can digital fashion give to the designers? 

I really hope that the future of fashion will be in digital. This way, we can finally start reducing unnecessary waste and carbon emissions physical fashion brings to our environment. In addition to this, digital fashion is free from the boundaries of the physical world, which gives designers a lot more space to be creative.

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