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MOD4 and DRESSX partner up to merge gaming and real life through the digital fashion experience

MOD4 and DRESSX partner up to merge gaming and real life through the digital fashion experience


The fashion game-app MOD4 and the largest digital-only fashion retailer DRESSX join forces to blur the line between physical and digital shopping experiences. By bringing purely digital designs into the virtual styling app, MOD4 and DRESSX create a new type of an interactive fashion game, enabling users to dress up their avatars in 3D garments in MOD4 and take the clothes beyond the game by dressing their own images in the same digital garments via DRESSX. Together MOD4 and DRESSX open up the opportunities for young digital fashion talents all around the globe to explore their creativity and showcase their vision for the future using the new set of skills.

“We are facing a period of great change in which we expect the digital and offline worlds will fuse and evolve at an ever faster pace. By collaborating with DRESSX, MOD4 continues to merge digital, gaming and technological innovation, this time showcasing a purely digital selection of garments which do not have any physical interpretation in the real world. Deep-diving into the digital fashion realm, MOD4 erases all the boundaries of physicality, offering the stage to young digital fashion creatives and giving the game-app users freedom to explore and create virtual wardrobes for their in-game avatars and their own photos via DRESSX. Through this collaboration MOD4 continues to cement its reputation as a game-changer for the fashion industry.” Marco Ritratti and Nicola Antonelli, Co-Founders of MOD4

Hosting purely digital selection from DRESSX retail platform, MOD4 allows its users to dress their avatars in the latest digital garments defying the rules and norms of traditional fashion. Each item is linked to its product page, making it possible to shop the garments for user’s own social media photos in one click. MOD4 shopping experience allows users to collect items from the best 3D brands out there, create outfits to take part in fashion challenges and buy their favorite items through a direct link to DRESSX website. 

“At DRESSX we see the future of fashion in its digitalization, blurring the line between physical and digital realms, and creating the Metaverse full of creative possibilities for the new fashion talents. As the first and the largest retailer for digital-only fashion collections, DRESSX is proud to join forces with MOD4 in our mission to make digital fashion fun, interactive, and accessible to people all around the globe. With this collaboration DRESSX once again shows the capacity of 3D clothing to exist and switch in between various platforms - starting from social media dressing, and now entering the purely virtual world of fashion gaming. With MOD4 we aim to redefine the notion of fashion shopping in the contemporary world, showing that some clothes can only exist in their digital versions.” Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modevona, Co-Founders of DRESSX

The MOD4 game can be downloaded via link.