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Photographer Vasilina Vrublevskaya on her first digital fashion experience, art and fantasy

Photographer Vasilina Vrublevskaya on her first digital fashion experience, art and fantasy

Born and raised in Ukraine, Vasilina Vrublevskaya’a work is all about sensual strength, mostly shot on film. Vasilina’s projects span art, fashion and documentary. She has collaborated with the magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Elle, Rolling Stone. Exclusively for DRESSX Vasilina created a shoot with the young ballet dancers wearing digital clothes from the DRESSX art collection dedicated to the famous French artist Edgar Degas.

Interview by Olga Sushko

The theme of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 raises a question about the future generations: “How will we live together?”. How do you see the future of our planet, say in 100 years? What are we doing right, and what should be done differently?

In the future, I see more and more comfort, but less freedom. Speaking about consumption, we are racing at a breakneck speed towards the abyss. Resources are running out, and the new ways of energy production are not efficient enough to meet our needs. The fashion industry’s environmental impact is terrifying. I am very excited to observe how digital clothing takes over a part of the functions of physical fashion and reduces our real wardrobes.

Has your outlook changed over the past year?

It has changed, but it is difficult to say if it was influenced by the situation in the world. I have always loved the life of an introvert, but I prefer it as a personal choice, not when I am forced to live so. I began to value the freedom to make decisions on my own even more, much more, over the recent year.

This is your first experience with digital clothing. What do you think about the idea of ​​the virtual apparel and the project we did together?

I think that digital clothing is a great option when it comes to buying expensive couture dresses, wearing new looks everyday, or saving finances. Digital fashion allows a wide space for fantasy and in general, it is a great entertainment tool that does no harm to the environment.

The project we did for DRESSX was my first experience with digital clothing - a little unusual, but very interesting to see how the image changes with the help of 3D clothes.


Film camera or digital camera?


Leather or silk?


Long hair or short hair?

Long hair.

Tea or coffee?


Opera or ballet?

Contemporary ballet. 

Color photo or b&w?


Manual or automatic trasmission?


Los Angeles or New York? 

New York.

Brunettes or blondes?


Book or movie?


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