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Introducing "God Epoch," an inspiring and visionary capsule collection from 3D_SoF that transcends the tumultuous nature of our contemporary world. In a time marked by uncertainty and challenges, this collection draws inspiration from those individuals who tirelessly fight for the light within themselves and the world around them. The concept revolves around showcasing the inner gods and goddesses that emerge amidst adversity, celebrating the elevated consciousness and resilience of humanity.

In this collection, aptly named "Warriors of Light," each model represents a manifestation of the inner divine essence present in individuals we encounter every day—volunteers, teachers, doctors, and more. The designs serve as a visual testament to the human spirit's ability to evolve and embrace the light within. "God Epoch" is a poignant reminder that, despite the shadows, we all have the potential to rise and become warriors of light, contributing to a brighter and more compassionate world.

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