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After years of Mina working and tutoring fashion design and dressmaking, and after years of her friend Pegah map-making and freelancing in fashion design, they decided to join forces as a team to create a new way of offering visual delicacies. They gave life to AVA3Ddesigners, mixing passion for artistic designs with advanced technological instruments, where the middle-eastern taste of colors and designs meets the new era of computer designing.

AVA3Ddesigners are currently based in Australia.

This collection is a part of DressX DIGITALAX collaboration and only available for digital dressing to the buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.


Using enhanced nano-technology that was designed to create military space vessels, special cybernetic robots were created to take fighting crime to the next level; enhancing law enforcement and bringing peace to the world. Traqess was the product of decades of secret research, providing a wide assortment of cyber-suits that can transform the wearers into practical superheroes, all equipped to fight crimes. The current model, curated with titanium-based reflectors, allows the users to augment the light around them, turning invisible at will. At the same time, it also offers a wide range of stealth features including barely audience movement, silenced wrist fitted guns capable of firing tranquilizer darts, and the ability to jump to over 15ft in height.

This is an exclusive item, which only exists in one copy and available for digital dressing to the buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.