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After years of Mina working and tutoring fashion design and dressmaking, and after years of her friend Pegah map-making and freelancing in fashion design, they decided to join forces as a team to create a new way of offering visual delicacies. They gave life to AVA3Ddesigners, mixing passion for artistic designs with advanced technological instruments, where the middle-eastern taste of colors and designs meets the new era of computer designing.

AVA3Ddesigners are currently based in Australia. 

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While there are hundreds of hackers and tens of technicians, there can only be a limited number of Master Hunters, cybernetically enhanced humans who perform the most daring and deadliest of tasks to bring the parts necessary for the cause, for the cybernetic machines that are going to break apart the corporation. You need to be mercilessly efficient as your work would take you to the dens of the beast, the massive manufacturing factories of the corporations that are guarded by thousands of armed guards and mercenaries that are on the lookout for eliminating you. However, even they fear you for the potential you have, for they are thousands but you are only one.

This is an exclusive item, which only exists in one copy and available for digital dressing to the buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.