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After years of Mina working and tutoring fashion design and dressmaking, and after years of her friend Pegah map-making and freelancing in fashion design, they decided to join forces as a team to create a new way of offering visual delicacies. They gave life to AVA3Ddesigners, mixing passion for artistic designs with advanced technological instruments, where the middle-eastern taste of colors and designs meets the new era of computer designing.

AVA3Ddesigners are currently based in Australia.

This collection is a part of DressX DIGITALAX collaboration and only available for digital dressing to the buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.


 Not all crime happens behind closed doors and in dark alleyways, sometimes crime evolves to bring evil on the streets, often with heavy firepower. That is when you are called in, to rectify what has moved beyond conventional crime. The model is carefully designed with Lucerferium crystals that allow the wearer to deflect bullets in a certain direction, away from civilians and important assets. At the same time, the wearer, with an automatic trigger, shifts into strength mode, which drastically increases the physical capabilities of the user, allowing them to lift cars above their head and shatter the strongest shields and doors. With their immeasurable strength, Lucerfers are a terrible adversary to have.

 This is an exclusive item, which only exists in one copy and available for digital dressing to the buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.