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BalmLabs is a Ghana-based Digital Fashion House that specializes in digital-only media for fashion brands. Baboa Tachie-Menson – the designer behind the BTM studios by Balmlabs – sees digital fashion as a new and more conscious way of consuming fashion, which brings excitement to the industry, while also allowing brands to explore all the areas of design and keep up the momentum. 

BalmLabs Drop 2 designed by Baboa Tachie-Menson has been inspired by her desire to create more structure in her own life. The digital collection became a reflection of how the designer chose to spend her life during the times of uncertainty: focused, isolated, yet finding joy in the little things, choosing bright colors and prints over the dark shades, and focusing on small details, such as inverted pleating, quilting, and fur elements. Working with Nyahan Design Studio, Baboa kept the garments’ shapes and silhouettes simple to compliment the intricate prints.

Color: black, pink, green, red, and purple. Print by Nyahan Studio.

Material: digital silk and polyester.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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