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cinphul's "Batwanes (Beek)" artfully marries cultural reverence, mythological inspiration, and avant-garde design. The collection centers around the theme of enjoying one's company, aligning perfectly with the season of love and spring. The muse for this project is none other than Astarte/Ishtar/Inanna, the Goddess of Love, Sex, and War—a symbolic figure that infuses the collection with depth and meaning.

Diving into the materials, cinphul crafts pieces from metals and horns reminiscent of debris from an ancient ruin. Gold, with a dark and gritty twist, adorns the collection, reflecting the duality of a goddess associated with both war and love. The intricate symbolism associated with Ishtar is meticulously woven into the designs, from the rod-and-ring earrings to the moon-shaped charms, each piece telling a story that harks back to Mesopotamian mythology.

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