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Corban Harper

Corban Harper is an American fashion designer putting a slow-fashion approach and responsible production in the center of his business model. While being a part of the traditional fashion industry, Corban has been decidedly operating outside the industry's calendar to avoid overproduction, reduce waste and surplus garments. By collaborating with DressX, Corban Harber aims to support his conscious mission and continue exploring sustainable ways to operate in the industry utilising the new set of skills.

Corban Harper’s knitted sweater chosen for digitalization with DressX represents the very DNA of the brand. Using multiple forms of adornment, his garments are counterbalanced by a modern sense of style and proportion, where beauty is never literal but profound nonetheless. Evocative of the past and aspirational towards the future, the brand offers a poet’s view of the world: romantic, subversive and hazy.

The physical version of Corban Harper’s hand braided sweater costs more than $3000 in retail. In the digital version it becomes available for the clients all around the globe for 10 times less - $30.

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