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Black suit

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Feben is a London-based womenswear designer. Having completed her Central Saint Martins MA degree just recently, Feben’s works have already been featured on the covers of Vogue Italy, AnOtherMag, Love Magazine, Office Magazine, and Garage Magazine. The designer has adorned the likes of some of the industry’s most influential personalities, landing her a styling and costume design role for Beyonce’s film Black is King.

Feben's collections are all about experimentation with volumes, mismatched prints, drapes and asymmetric silhouettes. Her work is a reflection of her own experience navigating the world as a Black woman and the expectations of who she was ‘supposed to be.’ As the designer brought up in one of her recent interviews, her ideal woman, in a nutshell, is ‘fun, cool, but still a bit of a bitch.’

Feben’s suit digitized in partnership with DressX was created as a tribute to her close friend and her tutor in London College of Fashion Henderson McCue.

Color: black, orange, and red.

Material: digital satin, silk, and polyester.

 Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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