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Waone Dress Spark of Life

$35.00 USD

Waone is a Ukrainian artist and muralist working all around the globe. Formerly a member of an artistic duo Interesni Kazki, which means 'interesting fairy tales’ in Ukrainian, Waone explores fairy characters, traditional symbols, local cultures, and fantastic stories through his art. His artistic goal is to make high divine values accessible to every man.

Waone’s painting ‘Spark of Life’ was created in 2015 as a reflection on a famous scene from Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'.

This capsule is a part of DRESSX art collection project. By using the artists’ prints in digital fashion collections, DRESSX aims to support the local artists all around the globe giving them a creative platform to express themselves through fashion.

Material: 80% digital polyester, 20% digital cotton.

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