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EyeNastya is a traditional-turned-digital fashion brand. Committed to sustainable practices, EyeNastya has been looking for the technology to change the current state of the industry up until she found out about digital fashion. 3D design feels like the future to the designer, making the most impossible ideas come into reality and allowing full freedom for imagination. 

EyeNastya’s first collection for DRESSX called ‘Power of Nature’ was created to make people feel protected in the face of the pandemic. With the looks named after the ancient Greek gods, each of them represents various natural phenomena, giving its digital wearer power and confidence. The digital fabrics created for the collection look like they reflect the sky and stormy sea. Combination of the shapes and fabric prints creates a visual illusion of movement. Sea waves, clouds and air bubbles - they all seem alive. The shiny ribbons on the apparel look like the raindrops.

In ancient times, people filled the power of Nature with a sacred meaning - EyeNastya filled its clothes with an invisible sense of confidence and security.

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