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I'M NOT THERE STUDIOS´ is a fashion brand created by Friederike Stanitzek and Annika Albrecht. Annika is based in Basel, while Friederike lives in London. The two designers met 10 years ago during their BA studies at Berlin University of the Arts and since then they always dreamed of joining forces to create a fashion collection together. The rise of digital fashion made a fully virtual design process possible and resulted in the first of many collections by I’M NOT THERE STUDIOS. 

The FUN COLLECTION is I'M NOT THERE STUDIOS´ first digital collection. It is inspired by the restrictions of the lockdown life and fuelled by the endless opportunities of digital creation. The collection speaks about the intimacy within a long-distance friendship. It is inspired by an innate desire to create across borders, time zones, and limitations of the physical world. The FUN COLLECTION is about two minds that create as one, finding pleasure in the exploration of digital fashion and dreaming to come together in the physical world. 

I’M NOT THERE STUDIOS works on the intersection of analogue and digital fashion. It explores the interplay of physical design taken into the virtual realm with a strong focus on knitwear and print. To extend the implementation of 3D design within the fashion industry, the studio offers research, design work, company workshops, university lectures and consultation on digital transformation.

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