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ISDKV - is a virtual footwear brand by Ilyas Darakchiev, Russian shoe designer with a car design degree. In his work, Ilyas uses a lot of transportation references as an inspiration for 3D shape. Every digital shoe is designed with a possibility to be released and worn physically, which is why the design process for one shoe can take months of work. 

ISDKV first release at DressX consists of two different collections - Dark cyborg-warrior and Lavender hippie. The first one will allow you to feel like an antagonist in grey-khaki shoes, while the second one symbolizes the good and peaceful side with the soft purple kicks. Together two collections create the narrative of War and Peace, and were created to perfectly suit most of the digital outfits available at DressX. Choose what side you are on today and get the ISDKV kicks to fit your mood.

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