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Moist Seoul Fantasy

Moist Seoul Fantasy is a cyber fashion brand founded by a South Korean designer, Jongyeol Bae. Jongyeol studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design, focusing on advocating political issues. Jongyeol’s ethos consists of experimenting with innovative technologies despite social and political constraints. The digital fashion space turns out to be the perfect place for his boundless creative expression. Finding unprecedented freedom digitally, Johgyeol wishes to continue exploring the digital and physical realms of fashion by fantasizing about future alien encounters engaging with his work. 

Collection story: FUTURE LOVE WAR 

Jongyeol’s first cyber collection is based on a story about “love soldiers” trained to fight for love, somewhen in the far future. Jongyeol imagines love to be more essential in the tech-integrated world. He was subconsciously inspired by his favorite childhood anime, Wedding Peach; in the 

anime, the heroines wear two different outfits: wedding dresses and metal armours. In reimagining and celebrating their spirit of fighting for love, he created a metal bustier armour, a metallic wedding dress, a helium-filled gigantic heart sculpture dress you can fly away in and a few other casual pieces. 

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