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Monsteras Cavity Tee

$30.00 USD

This t-shirt draws inspiration from the prevalent trend of menswear layering often seen in streetwear. The abstract plant cutout incorporates the theme of organic shapes, while the botanical motif, enhanced by shaded cutouts, evokes the spray painting techniques frequently found in streetwear fashion.

Color: black.

Material: digital viscose and organza.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

About the drop: 

The collection by TEAZ offers a captivating blend of organic silhouettes and the fluidity of nature. It showcases bold cutouts that create depth and intrigue, inspired by the natural world's intricate forms. Departing from conventional straight lines, the designs feature circular shapes that evoke the curves found in nature's beauty.

The drop was crafted from virtual fabrics resembling the delicate transparency of organza and the luminous sheen of viscose - each piece is a testament to creativity unrestrained by material constraints. The color palette, ranging from greens and blues to yellows, greys, and black, mirrors the hues found in plants, insects, and water bodies.