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NEWHUMANS is a digital design atelier by German fashion designer Isabell Neumann. Before NEWHUMANS, Isabell worked as a fashion designer for several German commercial companies. The designer was a part of Iris van Herpen design-team in Amsterdam as an intern for Magnetic Motion Collection, where she got inspired by the 3D technique that is now part of her own work. 3D design gives Isabell the freedom to create fashion in a more efficient and sustainable way. 

The NO VIRGIN PLASTIC collection was inspired by the dirty beaches the designer discovered while traveling around the world. The pictures and the wording on the garments are used to remind us that we still need to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives to save our seas and oceans - the most important ecosystem on Earth. The ALL RIVERS LEAD TO THE OCEAN statement should make people aware about the need to collect plastic from rivers before it reaches the ocean, as a high amount of ocean plastic originates from rivers. NEWHUMANS MIND stands for an idea that all humans need to mind the environmental problems and protect our planet. 

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