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No More Plastic

No More Plastic Foundation is a living, non-profit working Foundation in “start-up mode” to the service of the only one ocean that covers this planet. The Foundation generates public awareness about plastic pollution, advocates the need for alternatives to single-use plastic products and fosters innovative solutions to invent the future of consumption. No More Plastic pledges to support the development of solutions that will help end the cycle of single-use plastics flowing into our ocean, this time partnering up with DressX, the largest store for digital-only fashion, to showcase the possibilities of digital design for the fashion industry.

Especially for Earth Month, No More Plastic together with DressX created the most sustainable fashion drop ever existed with the digital t-shirts which generate no CO2, use no water for their production, and leave no plastic and microplastics in our oceans. With the prints showcasing the environmental problems of the modern world and the slogans raising awareness about the problem of plastic pollution, The Earth Month drop consists of 4 digital t-shirt designs created to make a powerful fashion statement at almost no environmental cost.

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