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Object & Dawn

Blue Mini Rushi

$40.00 USD

Object & Dawn is a cult fashion accessory brand created by Azerbaijan-born designer Saida Mouradova. Bridging the gap between fashion and art, the brand became widely recognized among fashion stylists and world-famous celebrities with Object & Dawn signature pieces appearing in the music videos of Beyonce, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Maluma, and Offset. The brand's authentic designs have been featured in the top-media outlets, ranging from Vogue US, W Magazine, Teen Vogue, Variety, Elle and many more.

Object & Dawn physical production focuses on traditional techniques from artisans around the world married with modern design. Digitized for the first time in partnership with DressX, Object & Dawn 3D pieces allow even more creative freedom to its clientele, delivering magical, powerful, and artistic experiences to the digital wearers. The brand’s digital accessories now available exclusively at DressX provide a truly unique opportunity to wear the world-renowned celebrities-endorsed handmade pieces in their digital versions for the fraction of their real price. Object & Dawn is not just a business or a brand. It is a manifestation of the decades of life, learning, failures, triumphs, dreams and innovations all resulting in the beautiful artistic pieces. 

Color: blue.

Material: digital  stainless steel, glass beads, black crystals, and cowries shells.

This accessory is fully digital and can only be worn on the pictures.