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Pia-Maria Leberfinger

Pia-Maria Leberfinger is a digital fashion designer from Germany and the 3rd place winner of DRESSX GEN Z CONTEST. Through her winning Exo-2120 collection for DressX, Pia-Maria narrates a new vision for the future of our world and us as a society. The designer described in detail how the environment, nutrition, politics, the media and our lives in general could change in 100 years. Exo-2120 is set in a possible future of our world as we face the harsh effects of the climate crisis. In order to optimally support our body in this new environment, we would require textiles that have a highly functional character. 

The collection Exo-2120 considers textile innovations to be common technologies applied to all garments in 2120. The designer has invented the digital materials that work on compression and stretching with the help of special membranes and specialize in supporting the body. A membrane is always applied to the nylon fabric in the collection, which is breathable, wind- and water-repellent as well as heat-retaining, thus there is an optimal body climate guaranteed. The neoprene garments have so-called "phase change materials" within their polymer structure - these react to temperature differences. In order to introduce phase change materials into textiles, they are wrapped in a protective cover (microcapsule from a few micrometers in diameter). This prevents leakage during the liquid phase and the garment remains washable, dry-cleanable, and weatherproof. The full body suits made of lycra work with a special equipment technology, which offers optimal protection against heat and UV rays. The color scheme of the collection is strongly based on the retro aesthetic of Wes Anderson's film worlds. 

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