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Welcome to the avant-garde world of POPULNT, a collection that challenges the norms and dances on the edges of playful opulence. In a departure from the digital denim aesthetics of APOCRYPHAL, the designer takes inspiration from the concept of 'OODA loop,' infusing the collection with a strategy involving a change of direction during decision-making—Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This strategy becomes tangible in the form of loop-based structures that manifest in repurposed contemporary art canvas prints and garments designed to evoke the feeling of an ongoing shift in direction.

POPULNT revels in the unconventional, teasing irrational structures into place to create almost impossible, extravagant looks. The vibrant and pop-opulent aesthetic is a testament to the designer's creative prowess, offering a visual journey that transcends traditional boundaries. Notably, the visionary behind POPULNT is also the mastermind behind APOCRYPHAL, the digital denim brand on Dressx, showcasing a versatile range of artistic expression that spans from the contemporary to the whimsically abstract.

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