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Taya Borisova

Taya Borisova is a Russian fashion designer. Having a degree in traditional fashion design, Taya actually believes that the future of fashion is in digital. Having worked in the traditional industry and experiencing all the difficulties and consequences of the production of the physical garments, Taya is now thrilled to have an opportunity to finally make a change. 

Taya Borisova’s first collection for DressX called "Malevich's Code" was inspired by the avant-garde movement, and specifically by the works of Kazimir Malevich and Vasily Kandinsky. Colors for the collection reflect the most famous paintings of the two artists. The digital collection reflects the desire for self-development and praises individuality, technology, and the movement towards an avant-garde future. The leitmotif of the collection lies in Malevich's phrase: "And it is absurd to drive our time into the old forms of a bygone time."

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