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The Fabricant is the digital fashion house leading the industry towards a future of digital-only clothing. It creates its own digital couture collections and also collaborates with physical fashion brands to bring them into the 3D digital fashion space. To date it has worked with Puma, Under Armour, Off-White, Vogue Singapore, Napapijri, Peak Performance and Adidas, amongst others, to demonstrate the vast creative possibilities within the digital fashion world.

For The Fabricant’s digital fashion NFTs collection Re-veil available for digital dressing at DressX, the digital fashion house has collaborated with digital artist @trs.mnz, winner of its recent Making Strides competition.

The drop is auctioned on the Foundation platform from Thursday 13th May at 20.00 CET.

The Re-veil collection is designed as three separate digital headpieces that draw on historic fashion references. The collection questions the traditional use of headwear as a means to hide one’s identity and instead reimagines them as tools for bold and fearless self expression. It asks us to re-veil and reveal our true selves. Each of the three looks is designed to provoke dialogues on the topics of gender, identity and personal freedom.

The collection advocates for the digital environment to be a place where the boundaries and limitations of the physical world are removed, allowing a more open, fluid and creative self expression, where women and people who do not conform to gender stereotypes can be free to show their true, uninhibited selves.

How it works?

  1. Buy your digital asset as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) through Foundation platform.
  2. Receive your asset to your wallet and get your Unlock code to get your asset digitally dressed for free at DressX.
  3. Attach your photo to the purchased asset at DressX and receive your photo digitally DressXed ready to be shared online.

Note, that these are exclusive digital assets, which only exist virtually, and available for digital dressing to their buyers at Foundation platform.

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