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The Fabricant

Jumpsuit Soorty x The Fabricant

$150.00 USD

The Fabricant is a pioneer digital fashion house operating at the intersection of technology and fashion. Unconstrained by the boundaries of the physical realm, brand creates intriguing and seductive 3D fashion narratives of endless possibilities.

Apart from the developing their own collection, studio collaborates with other cult brands. As part of this work stream The Fabricant digitized Denim Jumpsuit by Soorty.

Soorty began as a shop in the 1980s, shipping its first export order in 1983. In 2007 Soorty Denim line was established. Right now company works on making denim completely sustainable, providing the research and innovation with a sharp focus on its customers’ expectations while ensuring a sustainable impact on the Earth and people.

The digital fashion aesthetic is unique and eye-catching, which allowed Soorty to distinguish themselves from other competitors.

Color: dark blue.
Material: digital denim cotton.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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