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Introducing WeLSDi with the 'CHOOSE TO SHINE' collection, where fashion meets inspiration in a celebration of feminine radiance. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of natural luminaries, each piece is meticulously crafted to embody the twinkling elegance that defines every woman's unique style.

The collection is more than just apparel; it's a visual representation of the 'Choose to Shine' ethos. WeLSDi, two sisters hailing from Ukraine and currently based in Portugal, infuse their designs with a passion to instill confidence and joy through the transformative power of fashion. The color palette, with its metallic shimmer, symbolizes a woman's inner strength and resilience, while sequins add a vibrant touch, reflecting the light that every woman inherently possesses. 'Choose to Shine' is not just a collection; it's a message, a call to embrace strength, elegance, and determination. With each ensemble, WeLSDi encourages every girl and woman to radiate beauty and sparkle, reminding them that they deserve to shine in every situation.


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