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DRESSX is the first international digital fashion multi-brand retailer that carries digital fashion collections from the most well-known contemporary brands and 3D designers. All clothes we sell are digital. Elevate your content, enhance your old images, support digital sustainability movement. Buy digital look, send us your picture and receive new content for your social media channels via email. All process takes up to 3 days - expedited order will arrive to your email in 1 day. 



We strongly believe that the amount of clothing produced today is way greater than humanity needs. We share the beauty and excitement that physical fashion creates, but we believe that there are ways to produce less, to produce more sustainably, and not to produce at all. At the current stage of DRESSX development, we aim to show that some clothes can exist only in their digital versions. 

According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation recent report, 'More than USD 500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and the lack of recycling. Clothing is massively underutilised. Worldwide, clothing utilisation – the average number of times a garment is worn before it ceases to be used – has decreased by 36% compared to 15 years ago. Under a business-as-usual scenario, the growth in material volume of textiles would see an increasing amount of non-renewable inputs, up to 300 million tonnes per year by 2050. On current trends, the amount of plastic microfibers entering the ocean between 2015 and 2050 could accumulate to an excess of 22 million tonnes – about two thirds of the plastic-based fibres currently used to produce garments annually.'

Moreover, almost one in ten shoppers admit to buying clothes to post photos on social media.

At DRESSX, the team is focused on clothing made for content and the current idea is to eliminate waste created when sending influencers items of clothing. In order to democratize fashion for the final consumer, DRESSX gives every client an opportunity to digitally dress in clothing they always wanted to wear - and get instant verification from their followers on social media. Customers will be able to choose digital items from various designers and provide their photos to the DressX team. Digital clothes will be attached to the photos and sent back to the customers.

The project was founded in 2019 in San Francisco by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova. After a series of successful iterations with content-driven pop-up stores that gave our first customers the ability to create paid content in the retail environment, we decided to completely digitize this experience at DressX. 

Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion