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Experience the freshness of AQUA through digital fashion.


DRESSX introduces AQUA by IPSA, a digital fashion drop filled with the life-giving energy and moisture of water, where the science of AQUA becomes art. Try the collection and enjoy the fashionable experience that will fill your heart and soul.



Choose your preferred IPSA AR look.
Click on "Try AR" button and upload DRESSX APP.
Experience virtual fashion by wearing IPSA metalooks in AR.

The power of life creates human beauty, which IPSA refers to as aesthetic life force. IPSA’s focus is on harnessing this power to bring out the unique beauty in each individual. The key to achieving this lies in the unique recipe - a compilation of materials, information, and techniques, that IPSA uses to their fullest potential. Having one’s own recipe is crucial in fully enjoying their beauty - IPSA strives to help everyone to discover their own path to beauty.

Aqua Fringe Setup

Aqua Puff Jacket

To celebrate the upcoming launch IPSA AR looks, we invite everyone to be exclusively dressed in IPSA digital AR collection for the first time ever at DRESSX.

We’ve partnered with DRESSX to digitize 6 our favourite IPSA AR looks.

Be the first to browse the AR looks in 3D and digitally dress yourself in your favourite AR looks to share on social.



  • A new sustainable fashion experience with a vastly reduced carbon impact
  • Giving you a new way to express your fashion identity
  • Augmented Reality allows you to try on and show off your favorite IPSA AR looks before anyone else
  • Gifting is so last year, with digital fashion you can express yourself now, without the waste and the wait

Join us DRESSX and IPSA and be part of the digital evolution of fashion.