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Michelle Cazar

Air Extinction Blue

$40.00 USD

Michelle Cazar is a fashion designer exploring the 3D fashion realm. The main goal behind her work is to make the industry more sustainable and tackle some of the biggest man-made environmental problems. 

Michelle’s collection ‘Natura Disaster’ exclusively available at DressX is inspired by some natural disasters caused by climate change that have led to environmental damage. Through her digital collection the designer wants to say that there is no planet B and to spread awareness about the issues that can only be solved if we all work on them together.

Each of the garments in the collection represents a specific issue, and thus the color palette of the collection differs from piece to piece adjusting the tones depending on the problem featured. For example, ‘Underwater Death’ dress specifically represents the loss of underwater biodiversity. Due to global warming and pollution of the seas, corals are losing their color until they are white. This process is better known as ‘whitening’. This leads to death of the corals and thus generates the loss of biodiversity in the seas, as corals are home to many underwater fauna. That is why, the color for the dress has been chosen to be mostly white representing coral whitening processes.

Color: blue, grey blue, brown and beige.

Material: digital leather & silk. 

Digital fashion fits all sizes.

You’re saving:

586 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

22 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

1813 L of water