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Sònia Ortega

Asymmetric hazard sport wear with jacket

$40.00 USD

Sònia Ortega is a Spanish fashion designer. Coming from a traditional design background and being deeply concerned about the industry’s negative environmental footprint, she has been exploring digital fashion for two years now. Sònia considers 3D fashion design to be a liberating process, which takes away the limitations of the physical world and allows her to express herself making both hyperrealist and impossible digital garments. Her biggest goal is to awake the critical consciousness in today's youth through art and fashion design.

Sònia’s collection available at DressX was inspired by traditional folklore and fantastic imaginary. Creating an ‘unexisting reality’ with her digital garments, Sònia Ortega used both realistic and ethereal 3D fabrics to give the collection a dreamy and abstract feeling. The duality between the good and the evil found in traditional folklore was a starting point for Sònia to develop the textures and prints for the collection. Initially using a lot of contrasting black and white she gradually moved to creating abstract prints in color.  

Color: navy, light blue, & orange.

Material: digital cotton & spandex.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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