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ANNAU is a 3D fashion brand based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The brand’s first collection for DressX utilized the idea of multicultural clothing for residents of any corner of the planet Earth. Having mesh as the main material, it symbolizes a network that connects people, network of responsibility, connection from outside and from within, nerves and body, connection between individuality and society.

Exploring the creative freedom available through digital fashion, the designer created the garments that could be at the same time characterized as sport chic, evening party looks, or even vacation wear. The multifaceted collection invites its wearer to become free in fashion, yet looking a little bit more festive than usual.

The main highlights of the collection are outfits with the luminous elements glowing in the dark. Available only in the digital realm, ANNAU collection can enhance and brighten up the assets from your favorite summer evenings by the sea or loudest parties, bringing light which can be revealed to the maximum on the darker pictures. 

Color: blue and purple.

Material: digital polyester.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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