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Black pants _ kaikai

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KAI KAI is a digital fashion brand created by Tatiana Rumiantseva - Bali-based 3D designer, who found a balance between the endless possibilities of digital space and the life in nature. By creating, as she names it, ‘thought couture’, Tatiana aims to show that we all are capable of transforming through virtual garments to meet the new year with new super powers. ‘Thought couture’ by KAI KAI is the clothing that can take its wearer to the world of the changed laws of physics. KAI KAI garments can take off, disintegrate, change colors, and reflect space. The collection, and specifically multicolored garments, were created using a custom-made HDRI map, which makes them reflect the surrounding space and transform in motion.

Color: black.

Material: snake skin and liquid paint.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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