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Bowie open front swimwear

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Jake Liu is a fashion designer originally coming from Qingdao, China. Having successfully completed his studies in The Manchester School of Art in the UK, Jake interned for Ada Zanditon and David Koma, worked with show production for Shanghai Fashion Week, and then moved to Melbourne, Australia to undertake his Masters of Fashion Design degree at RMIT University.

Struggling to find inspiration during the lockdown, exploring the fear of limitations, and spending his time meditating, Jake finally found an angle for his new collection focusing on the things that brought him inner peace and happiness. As an emerging designer, he feels the need to not only be innovative and forward-thinking, but also environmentally responsible in the way he creates and constructs. Jake produced his first zero waste and sustainable digital collection for DressX in collaboration with Australian graphic designer Elliot Fry and Japanese 3D digital artist Aya.

Jake Liu ‘Self Explorations’ collection skilfully merges sports and tailoring genres, depicting a non-idealized relationship between the garment and the body. A lot of the character building within the collection was informed by iconic David Bowie, while one of his looks was fully recreated. The influence is also seen in many 1970s archetypes explored in the collection such as open front disco shirts, rain mac coat and flared pants, as well as color and graphic decisions.

Color: lilac and light yellow.

Material: digital silk.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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