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Bucket hat The Universe

$35.00 USD

SNO-SNO is a digital fashion brand created by Saint Petersburg-based 3D designer Svetlana Soloveva. Svetlana believes in good fashion and sees digital clothing as a unique way to express oneself without excessive consumption.

SNO-SNO’s first 3D collection ‘Let it Pleat’ was inspired by the couture fashion creation process and specifically by its handcrafted and skillfully-made pleats. Unlike the couture garments, Svetlana’s designs are all about comfort and cosiness, and thus pleated detailing is used to make casual outfits look more romantic and feminine. The designer believes that women’s power is hidden in themselves, and so their fashion choices should reflect and amplify this capacity to be strong and feminine at the same time.

Color: dark blue with starry blue embellishment. 

Material: digital wool and transparent PVC.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.