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Buffalo London X The Fabricant

Classic BurningFor

$30.00 USD

Be one of the first to wear the limited edition Buffalo London x The Fabricant digital-only shoe, available in only 100 pairs in the first drop. You will be digitally dressed in the Classic BurningFor shoe that exists only in the digital space. No physical version will be produced. 

Fire is a transformational and regenerative force. The Classic BurningFor has been designed to allow you to digitally express your desire to burn down toxic ideas of the past and burn for something new. 

Select from 2 vibrant flame-covered colourways: Courageous Red or Potent Blue. 

Red: This flame connects you to your courage and willpower. It exchanges anger for transformation as a positive, healing force to destroy what no longer serves you.

Blue: This flame tunes-in to the hottest, most potent energy available for clearing and healing. When a flame turns blue and white it’s at its hottest and most powerful.

Feel free to express your hopes and desires for 2021 and share what you burning for, by using #burningfor on socials. We can’t wait to see how amazing you’ll look digitally dressed!