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Alyona Briukhanova


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Alyona is an independent Ukrainian fashion stylist and visual merchandiser who has been working in 3D innovative technologies and fashion since 2007.

She blends her international work experience with a BA degree in Fashion Styling. In September 2020 she launched a digital styling project — DGTL Stylist. She was also the the Digital-Only Fashion Contest 2020 Gran Prix Winner.

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The gradual ascension of an individual into a better and improved being, the innate ability and strength of someone to strive against obstacles and hurdles and live to tell the story. Let me tell you something interesting about evolution; you always start from something small, and then you build upon itself a legacy that demonstrates your resilience and sheer strength. However, being small does not illustrate your weakness, but rather your desires and capability to improve yourself in ways that are unexplored and untampered. Hence, with the reflection of unwavering phenomena of change in nature and your adaptability to incorporate and reflect it within yourself, Caterpillar has been curated to ensure that you remain as amenable as always. With caterpillar, you do not merely prove your versatility, but you proceed to shine with glamour as the world witnesses your evolution.

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