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Vitaly Kovalev


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Vitaly is a 3D artist and designer based in Russia.

He is passionate about mixing hard surface technology with organic forms to construct both a highly creative outlook and also great technical grasp of his designs. His work develops realism as he takes inspiration from more of life's simple moments, key heuristics of human nature, and combining this with the fundamental principles of design, drawing, photography and cinematography.

Vitaly believes that with 3D art, we can create things that defy all possibilities, that have never been constructed before. He is currently involved in projects across some of the industries leading fashion brands.

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 They are everywhere, and they know what you are thinking of. With eyes and ears everywhere, it is almost impossible for humans to survive being a pawn in the hands of the massive corporations that are haunting the world, leeching it of all the soul and beauty that is vested in human freedom. The balance must be restored, not with a resolution, but with a revolution. Cybernetic beings are being constructed in hidden areas all over the world in a bid to restore the equilibrium, and it is up to you to fuel the software that goes inside it, hacking into the cyber networks of the corporations to weaken them from within.

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