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Burak Dahan


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Right after graduating from Chemistry in 2012, Burak took a distinct change and followed his calling by studying Fashion Design and started to build up a strong career in the industry. His works were recognized by fashion authorities in many design competitions, where he even became the "Gold Award Winner" at the EURASIA REMIX 2016.

Years later when he was introduced to digital fashion, he fell in love with this new world of design possibilities and expanded his creativity to a new level by escaping from restrictions and norms of the physical world. His works reflect versatility and there is no limit when it comes to his source of inspiration. Burak Dahan is currently based in Turkey.

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When a time-traveling experiment goes wrong, an unorthodox selection of people finds themselves in an unholy alliance against a mass of invading alien species, as the future of Earth rests in their hands now. While it looks like she might not offer much support to a hero, the fact is, behind the trench coat, she hides a wide assortment of technological gadgets and skills that can solve and unravel any mystery. At the same time, her wits and intelligence know no bounds, especially with her ability to shape-shift her appearance to that of her foes, allowing her to sneak into enemy bases and pulverize them from within their ranks.

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