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Decarbonized Suit

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Isodope is an online persona created by Isabelle Boemeke ー a Brazilian model and activist promoting the usage of nuclear energy. Isabelle gained her popularity on Instagram and TikTok not by simply sharing her model diet or morning routine, but by talking about complicated scientific facts in the easiest way possible. She starts her videos by picking up some of the popular mainstream topics, while gradually turning them into surprisingly easy and fun science explainers. 

Boemeke’s main goal is to change the world by spreading awareness about nuclear energy ー a more environmentally-friendly alternative to other energy sources. It has a potential to become, she suggests, a solution towards the environmental change and climate crisis we are living through today. Isabelle claims that pop culture hasn’t been kind to nuclear energy, mainly showing it as a source for technology disasters, and thus its time to show the other side of nuclear power as one of the safest forms of energy production.

Isabelle teamed with DRESSX to continue educating her audience about the numerous advantages of nuclear energy and to give more people a chance to support the initiative. Together with DRESSX Isabelle designed the capsule collection of digital pieces which now can be worn digitally by Isodope’s supporters all around the globe.

Color: black and white.

Material: digital spandex. 

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

You’re saving:

968 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

37 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

5500 L of water