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Alyona Briukhanova


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Alyona is an independent Ukrainian fashion stylist and visual merchandiser who has been working in 3D innovative technologies and fashion since 2007.

She blends her international work experience with a BA degree in Fashion Styling. In September 2020 she launched a digital styling project — DGTL Stylist. She was also the the Digital-Only Fashion Contest 2020 Gran Prix Winner.

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You have achieved what was destined for you, what was left in pristine care and diligence as a reward for your patience; the cycle has now been completed, the evolution is now done. You stand in all your glory, your wide wings gleam with confidence, your aura shines with unfelt and unfazed magnificence, a flaunting manifestation and reflection of the strength that you had silently built inside yourself. The Butterfly, with its glorious colors and an impression of ambitious legacy, defines you and your identity as the embodiment of careful and proactive patience; patience that has always rewarded those who have performed and committed themselves for their own selves. As a contrast to the dormant visualization of the cocoon, the Butterfly stands undefeatable and unrivaled when it comes to the presentation of the successful and accomplished self.

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