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Burak Dahan


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Right after graduating from Chemistry in 2012, Burak took a distinct change and followed his calling by studying Fashion Design and started to build up a strong career in the industry. His works were recognized by fashion authorities in many design competitions, where he even became the "Gold Award Winner" at the EURASIA REMIX 2016.

Years later when he was introduced to digital fashion, he fell in love with this new world of design possibilities and expanded his creativity to a new level by escaping from restrictions and norms of the physical world. His works reflect versatility and there is no limit when it comes to his source of inspiration. Burak Dahan is currently based in Turkey.

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this; you cannot team up against the one you swore to destroy. However, here you are, forced to protect humanity from a mass of invading aliens. You had an innate rivalry with Hero, for she was always in the limelight for simple reasons; why would you love someone who beat up a robber? Why not love someone who wishes to destroy the corporations that lead to inequality and crime? Yet here we are, striving to protect what you swore to destroy, tied in an unholy alliance.

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