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Alexander Knight

Frame Jumper

$35.00 USD

Alex Knight is a digital fashion designer based in Bishop’s Stortford, England. Influenced by historical fashion and contemporary art references, his collections combine romanticity and playfullness grounded with deep meaning and cultural citations behind each of the garments. Alex Knight have successfully graduated from Ravensbourne University London, getting his final year collection featured in Forbes, WWD, Vogue Italia, Love and 10 Magazine.

Alex Knight’s collection for DressX was initially inspired by the religious pop art of Andy Warhol and Corita Kent, combined with the strictness and ostentatiousness of Catholic clerical vestments and the easy glamour of 1970s Halston. Over the course of lockdown, the collection gradually turned into something more cosy and English, while still retaining the vivid colours and bold silhouettes of the original inspiration. 

Color: multicolored floral print.

Material: digital taffeta silk & jersey. 

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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