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Glitch shirt

$30.00 USD

FDV is a digital fashion brand created by a Russian 3D fashion designer Elizaveta Fadeeva. Elizaveta creates both made-to-order outfits and full digital collections. In her collection for DressX, Elizaveta explores what it means to live in the future, while also getting inspired with the motifs from the past. The main inspiration behind the collection is the fresco ‘Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza’ by Italian painter Pietro da Cortona. As the designer explains, the artist’s vision of the space at the time was very innovative and fresh. Similarly, working with the virtual garments today is something, which can be seen as cutting-edge and new. With this collection Elizaveta wants to emphasize that the future is already here, and we should all be open to accept it.

Color: dark brown, white, & glitch.

Material: digital suede, chiffon, & dragon scales.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.