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Gyurin Na

Purple Jacket

$35.00 USD $45.00 USD

Gyurin Na is a Seoul based fashion designer. Having studied womenswear design and pattern making in Milan, Gyurin Na now works with experimental prints and modern feminine silhouettes. By collaborating with DressX, the designer aims to give her collection a new digital existence and explore the possibilities available in the digital space.

The idea that drove Gyurin Na’s ‘SEEMS VERO’ collection is the concept of the virtual. The designer suggests that today we live in two worlds simultaneously: the tangible real world and the conceptual virtual world. Since technology seeks to generate a hyper realistic experience for its users, we often struggle to distinguish these two interpenetrating worlds, finding ourselves surrounded by a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere. What is real? Does the distinction even matter? These are the questions Gyurin Na addresses in her “SEEMS VERO” (or “seems real”) collection.

Color: purple & white.

Material: digital houndstooth & pearls.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.